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Blessed Easter!

All things are made new!

2 Corinthians 5:17

The Harrowing of Hell





residenceIn our project to build a new Monastery we are inviting people who wish to live near us on the Monastery grounds to take part in our Residential Ministry. Click on the picture at right for the brochure to see more details. If you wish to take part in it, please call Bob Allen, our development manager, at (817) 371-9447 to tell him of your interest. He will be happy to answer any of your questions.






linda On May 26th Linda Thomas of Houston became an Oblate Novice of Holy Cross. Please pray for her discernment as she joins us.







randyOn May 26th, Randy Bratsven of Houston became an Oblate of the Community. Keep him in prayer as he becomes our newest member.








On Saturday, October 21st, Karon and Jeff Huebel of Lumberton became Oblate Novices of the Monastic Community. Please pray for them as they discern God's call in their lives. We are glad to have them as members of Holy Cross.







For the past week (early September 2017) we have been trying to get systems up and operating, but it is a slow task. Kindly bear with us if we cannot respond as quickly as you/we might like. We appreciate your calls and prayers, and will keep you updated here as things happen. Blessings to all. We have added a donate button above if you would like to support the Monastery's continuing mission to be a place of prayer and refuge to the whole community.


hazmatFor the past week (early September 2017) we have been busy surveying the damage to the Retreat House and Monastery and salvaging whatever is possible. We traded our habits for hazmat suits as we went into the buildings. We are temporarily living in a Rectory in Silsbee. The address is above. There is a donate button above, if you wish to make a donation. We appreciate your prayers and support.

The Retreat House is closed until further notice and all events are cancelled. More information will be forthcoming as we are apprised of what is happening. Below you see some of the damage wreaked by the floodwaters, which reached about 8 feet high inside every building. If you click on an image you can view an enlarged version of the snapshots here.

organ organandpiano office




On August 29, 2017 we were forced to evacuate our location because the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey started to enter all the buildings. We went north to Dallas, where we stayed with friends until the water subsides. Calls to the Monastery are being forwarded to us if you need to contact us. To the left is a video taken on August 30th, where it shows the waters reaching a height of c. 9 feet. We anticipate a total loss of the Monastery. We shall keep you posted as often as we can on the state of affairs here. We appreciate your prayers and calls of support.





Boundaries, walls, and the faith of a woman. Matthew 15:21-28






Our job. Matthew 14:22-33






The Real World. Matthew 17:1-9







This article (click on image) by Jane McBride about the Monastery was published in the December, 2015 VIP Magazine of the Beaumont Enterprise.








If you have any questions or are interested in the Oblate program, click here for a brochure of the Oblate program or write to us. We usually meet on the third Saturday of the month, from approximately 11:30 am until 2:30 pm. Oblate Spring is a website of resources to answer your initial questions about oblate monasticism. A helpful feature is the page devoted to Benedictine Oblate Newsletters & Programs. The Oblate Spring website also includes The Oblate Blog.





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